Breaking News: Solar Tax Credit Increases from 26%  to 30%

The Federal Government just passed the Inflation Reduction Act in August 2022. Part of the Bill that was passed into law was the increase of the Solar Tax Credit from 26% to 30%

That is a great reason to go solar, but there are even more reasons why you might want to consider going solar sooner than later…..

#1 The more solar that is installed the more expensive the electricity from your utility company becomes.

When utility companies start to lose money from so many solar panels going up on homes, they simply turn up the rates for people without solar. So, the longer you wait the more expensive your power is going to be.

Rates are going up on average 5% per year but watch out they could be going up dramatically in the next few years with demand and infrastructure problems.

#2 Every year utility companies set the electricity buy back rates for solar.

Utility companies set the rate that they buy electricity back from residents with solar panels every year this rate gets locked in for 10 years, so the longer you wait the less your buy back rates will be, It is not huge but it can add up.

#3 New panel technology is not right on the horizon, it is more like 10 years away.

There are lots of catchy YouTube videos about the new solar technology, but in reality, it is a long way out and there are only very slight increases and differences in solar panels coming out yearly, Not installing solar because you want to wait for the latest technology will keep you waiting a decade.

#3 Zero Up Front Cost, Zero Installation

That’s right we can get you producing your own power and reducing your monthly bill with ZERO upfront cost. This is basically a bill swap, but instead of renting your power from a utility company you are investing into an asset that you own and reducing your monthly bill.

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