Is solar energy safe?

When installing a solar energy system on your home, it’s understandable to be concerned about safety. Solar energy systems produce power and like any electrical appliance, come with the risks of surges and fires. However, you can be sure that your solar energy system will be safe to run. We are conscious of safety during the installation process. The components of your solar energy system also include their in-built safety measures to prevent any danger and damage.

What issues can my solar energy system have?

It is important to keep in mind that these issues aren’t common and are rare. Common sense and proper safety precautions will keep your solar energy running safe and smooth over the years to come. We recommend following these points for the safety of you and your family, your home, and the solar energy system:

  • Ensure your roof structure is proper and up to code beforehand.
  • Never attempt to do your own solar panel installation or repairs.
  • Let us conduct any solar energy system installation and repairs needed.
  • Have your solar energy system regularly inspected to check for any issues.

A solar energy system can generate more than enough power for your home and can be dangerous if handled without proper experience and know-how. Solar energy systems can have issues, we will explain how they can occur, and how they can be prevented.

Electrical surges

Electrical surges are caused when a higher amount of voltage goes through electrical wiring. Surges can come from power drops in your area, lighting strikes, and large appliances being turned on in your home. Although the main fault can lie within faulty wiring in your home. Make sure your home’s electrical systems are up-to-date to prevent any damage to your devices and solar energy system.

Solar panel fires

Solar panel fires can happen because of electrical problems. The cause of a fire can come from damaged wiring, improper insulation, or poor installation. Although the most likely point of failure and cause for electrical fires is your solar energy system’s combiner box. The combiner box is where all of your solar panels are connected, which sends the combined direct current to your inverter.

What safety measures do solar energy systems have?

Solar energy systems are installed with multiple safety measures to ensure they remain safe.

Arc Fault Protection

Arc-Fault Protection is another safety measure that is built into an inverter. This process is done by an arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) or arc-fault detection device (AFDD). This safety measure works by detecting the electric arcs that happen when there are loose connections in electrical wiring.

Solar Generation

These devices can detect the difference between the harmless and dangerous electrical arcs in your electrical system. If the AFCI detects a dangerous arc, the AFCI opens its contacts and de-energizes the circuit. This safety feature is important, as arc faults are one of the leading causes of electrical fires in homes. Having one in your solar system’s inverter will help prevent any substantial damage.


Like any electrical appliance, grounding involves connecting the electrical systems to the earth. Grounded devices won’t be affected by the excess current, as it is diverted into the ground and dispersed there. Some states may even mandate that your home’s electrical panels are fitted with a whole-house surge protector. If you live in an area with frequent lightning strikes, investing in a surge protective device should be a priority.

Solar Generation

Rapid shutdown

Rapid shutdown is a mechanism that stops your solar energy system from working if there is an issue with your home electrical system or solar energy system. Solar inverters are capable of automatically shutting down once an issue is detected. These rapid shutdowns also help first responders by shutting down your home’s electrical system in the case of a fire. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) also considers rapid shutdown mechanisms as a must for all rooftop-mounted solar energy systems.

A safe solar energy system for you

As one of the leading providers of rooftop solar in the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, New Mexico, and Ohio, we have a proven history and reputation for our quality services. We are ranked in the top tier of installers by Enphase and Unirac for our expertise and excellent service. So you can be sure that we can help you get the safest solar energy system for your needs.

Our website also has a free online estimate tool that generates a personalized report for you from a simplified questionnaire. That report will contain the potential savings you can net, and the cost of a solar energy system installed on your property. You can also contact us directly via phone at +1 (602) 363-8919 or via email at Scott@elitesolarenergy.org for more information regarding solar energy for your property.