How is a solar energy system priced?

When installing a solar panel system into your home, you will want an idea of the costs of the various pieces of equipment that make up your system. Installing a solar energy system isn’t a small investment. There are the equipment costs, the costs of installation, and other services that we provide during your solar energy system’s installation. We will give you an insight into how a solar energy system is priced. So you can understand the value of a solar energy system and the work that goes into installing one on your property.

Understanding solar energy systems

Transitioning to solar power requires a bit of learning and understanding about how the system will work and operate on your property. We help our customers through this process by breaking down and explaining each step of the installation process beginning from our first conversation. If you are keen to start learning, there are plenty of resources to help you get started. A good starting place is the Department of Energy’s website or other free online resources. Taking the time to research and understand solar energy systems will make the entire installation process smoother and easier to understand.

Equipment Costs

You might be looking into the various pieces of equipment that go into a solar energy system. These pieces of equipment will be part of your home and energy system. Doing some research into the different brands and models can give you an idea of how they operate, their efficiency, and their cost. Solar energy equipment comes with data sheets that provide a detailed breakdown of technical specifications. When browsing through equipment, we will run you through the options we have on offer. We will also explain which ones are the most suitable for your property, and work out a system that will suit your needs and budget.

Solar Panels: Solar Panels are an assembly of photovoltaic cells that capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. The higher-end solar panels will produce much more energy over a smaller surface area. They also tend to last longer than other panels.

Inverters: The function of an inverter is to convert the DC power that your solar panels are generating into AC power for your property. The kinds of inverters for solar panels are String inverters (Central inverters), power optimizers that are connected to a single string inverter, or micro inverters built into or attached to the solar panels. Our article on how inverters work offers a detailed breakdown of how they work in a solar energy system.

Mounting Systems: There are multiple ways to mount a solar energy system on your property. Solar panels can be mounted on your roof if it is suitable to hold the weight of all the equipment. If your solar system is being installed on the ground, we can equip a tracking system. So you can monitor and make the most of its energy production. Figuring out which arrangement will be most suitable for your home is part of the installation procedure, a complicated system will require more expensive mounting equipment.

Solar Generation

Cost of installation, groundskeeping, and permits.

Installing a solar energy system will also require the help of skilled specialists. They understand the proper installation methods and have the technical knowledge to get your system up and running. Groundskeeping might be needed to make your property suitable. We will also need to have permits to start the installation and afterward to get it running. These are just some additional costs that might come up during a solar energy installation.

Warranties: A solar energy installation will come with multiple warranties. There is of course the warranty on the installation itself and the warranties of the individual pieces of equipment. The warranties for each can vary in coverage and time, so be sure to ask us about the warranties on our services and your system’s equipment.

Roofs: If you are looking to have your solar system installed on your roof, we will have to see how complex the layout of your roof is. Your panels will be laid out and mounted to generate the most energy it can, a tricky roof layout can require additional labor and equipment.

Trimming and/or cutting down trees: If there are trees on your property, they might get in the way of your solar panels. You might need to have tree branches trimmed, pruned, or cut down entirely. This way your solar panels can maximize their energy production without any obstacles.

Electrical Upgrades: With a solar energy install, your property’s electrical system might need an upgrade to fit code. It would be best to do a check and upgrade in advance to avoid the additional cost and time needed during your solar energy installation.

Solar Generation

Installing a solar energy system on your property

All of the information above should give you an idea of how a solar energy system installation is priced. If you want specific information for a solar energy installation on your property. Our website has a free online estimate tool that generates a personalized report for you from a simplified questionnaire. That report will contain the potential savings you can net, and the cost of a solar energy system installed on your property. You can also contact us directly via phone at +1 (602) 363-8919 or via email at Scott@elitesolarenergy.org for more information regarding solar energy for your property.